About the Founder


Shaun Cassidy, Founder of Cassidy Creative Solutions, holds 20+ years of experience in the fields of SALES & MARKETING, E-COMMERCE and SOCIAL MEDIA technologies.

Cassidy Creative Solutions is a speaking, training, and consulting firm that helps professionals, nonprofit organizations and corporations leverage social media, internet sales and marketing strategies through storytelling across platforms.

Many years prior to founding Cassidy Creative Solutions, Mr. Cassidy worked with the internet company Travelocity as a customer relationship brand manager. Mr. Cassidy participated in the development of the contact pilot training program that led to customer service training manuals for over 1,500 Travelocity employees. While with Travelocity in the early years of e-commerce and social media, Mr. Cassidy was asked to beta test a software that would become the first social media format called LinkedIn. Today Mr. Cassidy holds one of the largest professional networks in the nation with over 30,000 professional contacts and has trained over 500 professionals and over 100 businesses and organizations on how to leverage the tool.


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