The Creative Powers of LinkedIn

This eBook delves into the creative aspect of one of the most popular networking sites for professionals.
It explores the six most importat advantages of knowing how to use this platform as a personal and business branding tool.
Additionally, it explains the key elements to master, in order to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

“Just as you may take care to present yourself
well in an important meeting or speaking event, you
should take a similar outlook to the way you present
yourself online.”

~Shaun Cassidy

About Me

Shaun Cassidy is a digital business strategist, innovation leader and visual artist from San Diego, California.

He is an early adopter of social media as a business development tool.

His work within business growth, economic development, social media marketing and innovation has been profiled for the San Diego Social Media Conferences, CEO Women’s Business Summit, American Marketing Association San Diego Chapter, and over 20 different podcasts including the Seamless Podcast which explores all aspects of what makes a Smart City come to life. He has been the developer and advisor of many digital events for corporate, nonprofit and creative communities.

I have been a strategist to influential arts and culture organizations, designing, coordinating and delivering workshops for creatives looking to grow their businesses. I have developed important professional virtual networking groups with followings from around the world.

Shaun Cassidy

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